005 RPG Rule Systems Matter

005 RPG Rule Systems Matter

System matters? A high level overview of whether system matters or not in roleplaying games. Sean’s 5E game kicks off, sort of. Die roll: Brett takes notes! Sean mentions some sci-fi games and settings.

Episode 5 Show Outline


First itunes reviews. Thanks to Zave! and Kevthuhlu!

Shout outs to: Chad Knight and Moe Tousignant!

Random Encounter

Email from Chad Knight – Re: Episode 04 – How did you get into gaming?

Sean’s Roll20 5e kick off session

Topic of Discussion – System Matters

  • Does system matter?
    • why
    • why not
  • Define ‘system’
  • Define ‘role playing game’ – touching on John Wick’s article (http://johnwickpresents.com/games/game-designs/chess-is-not-an-rpg-the-illusion-of-game-balance/) and why its important not to take anyone’s writing too far before you ask grown-up questions.
  • Different types of systems
    • Difference between generic and nongeneric systems
    • d20
    • GURPS
    • FATE
    • Savage Worlds
    • Edge of the Empire/FFG Star Wars
    • d6 Star Wars
    • Gumshoe – Esoterists, Trail of Cthuhlu
    • Hero
    • Basic Roleplaying
    • OSR
    • Indie games
      • Fiasco
      • Primetime Adventures
      • Dogs in the Vineyard
      • Apocalypse World
      • Sorcerer
  • What does a system do/provide? A mechanism to have collaborative fun?  Something else?
  • If you’re not abiding by the system – are you playing the game?

Die Roll


  1. Sci-Fi – need to do a sci-fi game with my group. This group hasn’t done one so I need to do that after this current game wraps up.
  2. Alpha’s wedding celebration
  3. I take notes in game now – ‘cause I’m old…
  4. Bone Armor – http://io9.com/remarkable-3-900-year-old-suit-of-bone-armor-found-in-s-1632366327


  1. Scifi space theme
    1. Interstellar movie, Nov 7th, Christopher Nolan & Matthew McCaughnehey
    2. Stars Without Number – old school d&d rules, space setting
    3. The Last Parsec – Savage Worlds on Kickstarter
    4. Star Frontiers
    5. Traveller