Meet B and S

Here are the two guys that host the Gaming and BS rpg podcast each week.



Brett lives in Wisconsin and has been running rpg’s for over 30 years, and is the GM of his long-time gaming group. He organized the Wausau Gaming Group in 1991 with 13 other members, many of whom still game with him to this day. He has also been a guest of honor for the DC Everest Game Club and is also an integral leader in organizing the Ever Con gaming convention, a tabletop gaming convention held in Wausau, Wisconsin every January.

His collection of RPGs, whether in print or pdf, amount to about 60 core systems, which we’re sure he’ll be playing or gm’ing any day now.

In December 2018 Brett teamed up with Encoded Designs to bring his fantasy RPG setting Streets of Avalon to life via a very successful Kickstarter making him a published rpg setting author.

RPG’s that he enjoys include OSRIC, Trail of Cthuhlu, MERP, and Warhammer Fantasy. Head to Twitter and follow him.



sean-gaming-and-bsSean resides in Wisconsin and started playing tabletop role-playing games with his friends when he was thirteen years old. Back then it was first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek by FASA, and Top Secret. That same group still meets when schedules align.

After a long hiatus from gaming during his 20’s, he immersed himself back into the hobby.

In May, 2004, he registered the website The website’s mission? To connect with other gamers in Wisconsin that also enjoyed tabletop role-playing games and bring them together via ‘The Dwarf’ or through face-to-face meetups.

If you don’t run into Sean on the street, or on social media, you can find him at GaryCon in March, or GameHole Con in November.

Most recently he’s been playing Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Dungeons & Dragons (5e) Follow him on Twitter.