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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

RPG Player Feedback

RPG player feedback is not often considered. It is a little different from giving game masters feedback. We talk about it. Announcements Gamehole Con Random Encounter Stephen Dragonspawn emails us on Retcon Deputy Dragonspawn, of the BSPD I believe that you may have forgotten to mention that players often times have the ability to retcon…

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Breaking the Fourth Wall

Getting information to our players and to our GMs can be challenging. We want to do it in character, or as a character. Sometimes it’s just easier to break the 4th wall. Announcements Gamehole Con Random Encounter Timothy Stone calls one in Timothy Stone calls one in Edwin emails us on hex crawls Edwin emails…

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RPG Retcon

RPG Retcon, revise. A piece of new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events. Announcements Sean submitted a game for Gamehole Con Brett has submitted 3 games for Gamehole! Email sent out. You didn’t get it? Sign up here Edwin Nagy is needing BS’er feedback, go here to provide it Random Encounter…

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Pull Mechanics In From Other RPG’s

You appreciate the thing that one rpg does but you prefer to run another game. Why not pull in a mechanic from one system into another? Thanks Cojo for the inspiration. Announcements Sean and Brett submitting games to Gamehole Con Email about to go out. Sign up here Random Encounter Timothy Stone calls in about…

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