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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

137 Session Zero

Session zero, we talk about how we handle it for our games. We don’t cover every detail, and you will find ways unique to your games and gaming style.

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136 Player Facing Die Rolls

Player facing die rolls. Do they fix something that is missing from some tabletop rpg’s? Spurred by listener, Ace’s, email we talk about why we do or don’t like them. We hit a goal on Patreon so you’ll hear Sean show off his accent skills.

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135 Learning A New Game

Learning a new game, there’s a few ways to approach an rpg. The obvious way is to read the book. There can be other ways, certainly.

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134 Speaking Cypher System

We invite Darcy and Troy from the Cypher Speak podcast to come on and educate us on, what else, the Cypher System rpg by Monte Cook games! How does it all work? What are the upsides of the system? There’s player facing die rolls, GM intrusions, cyphers and much more. Find more of about our…

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