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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

051 Weirdness in Roleplaying Games

Weirdness in roleplaying games. How weird is too weird? Guest Alex Kammer of Gamehole Con joins us. Episode 51 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by Announcements Thank you to everyone for listening to our BS up to episode 50! Shout outs to those that left audio well-wishes. In no particular order: Kevin Knealy, Roger Brasslet,…

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050 GBS Five Oh, RPG Players

It’s our 50th episode! We talk about tabletop rpg players, a surprise and listener well wishes. Episode 50 Show Agenda Episode 50 – Good Players Intro Sponsored by Announcements Patreon has launched!! Consider a kind contribution to the show and be a Complete BS’er! Sponsor Greyedout Productions – Head over to and…

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049 Playing in a Modern World

Playing an rpg that takes place in the modern world but with no spin on it like horror, sci-fi, monsters, etc. Episode 49 Show Agenda Episode 49 – Modern Settings Intro Sponsored by Announcements Kristian Serrano and +Ron Blessing from the Savage Blogger’s Network said nice things about us in ep 10 –…

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048 Realism in Roleplaying Games

Realism in roleplaying games, we talk about falling off a 100 story tower and surviving. Real? Well it is a world of elves and magic. Episode 48 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by Announcements Apologies to Ben Blanding on G+. He called in N. Phillip Cole to say we started mentioning his game in a…

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