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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

No Right Answer

One of the key things that make a TTRPG a TTRPG is that there is no “Right Answer” for nearly everything. By that I mean – when you have any encounter, there are quite nearly unlimited options for how you will solve it. No two groups will play through the same adventure the same way….

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Don’t Tell Me What Play

How do we nicely discuss the topic of “you should play X game instead of Y game” so that we don’t come across as snobbish assholes? “I want to play X type of game with Y system” is often met with, “Then you shouldn’t play that system, you need this better system.” Announcements Project BS:…

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You Meet in a Tavern

It’s a classic rpg trope. You all meet in a tavern, but it doesn’t have to be boring or the same every time you use it. Besides, there are other ways to bring your role-playing game party of characters together. Announcements Project BS: The Delta Green Experiment Sign up for some games Random Encounter Harrigan…

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Always Be Prepping

Always be prepping rpg’s. Many people don’t think Brett does any prep for his games, but that’s not necessarily true. Announcements Delta Green Experiment – we’ve chosen Hourglass (print / pdf) as our adventure. Next phase: Pick the dates and times for the game Random Encounter Chris Shorb leaves voicemail on dedication vs serious….

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