016 Props in Roleplaying Games

Props in roleplaying games, it may take work but it can add more to your game. Oh! And it doesn’t have to be something the GM offers!

Episode 16 Show Outline

Intro including music


Hope those out there that celebrated Xmas had a  good time with family and friends – and happy upcoming New Year!

A big “We still love ya!” goes out for Moe and Wayne 🙂

Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Email from Scott W. regarding episode 15 – ScifiThe best question you can ask your group of players for this is how does sound work in space, star wars or firefly?. That we’ll help all of the rest of the decisions.


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Topics of Discussion – Props and Gaming

Old Wookie, smoothest spirits you'll ever find this side of Kessel
Old Wookie, smoothest spirits you’ll ever find this side of Kessel

Do you use them?

  • Sean
  • Brett – not often

What games do they work best with?

  • One-shot or Con games
  • Investigative
  • Modern
  • Sci-fi
  • Other?

Where have you seen them work the best and what made them work?

  • Sean – Mark’s hand made tome of his world, Old Wookie, Spacer Tape, item cards?
  • Brett – Lenny makes awesome props that always fit the adventure – Lenny just got the Horror on the Orient Express special ed from Chaosium (190+ pages of handouts)

What are the potential pitfalls to props?

  • Distraction
  • Incomplete or inaccurate data gathered
  • Need the players to be observant and not the characters

Die Roll


  1. Kids asked to try OSRIC for our home game – they got to fight an otyugh and deal with rot grubs and then sort out how to get the magic item they detected at the bottom of the creature’s lair.
  2. Getting things set for my EverCon game challenge – gonna make a few props
  3. Read through the PHB and MM for 5e and I really enjoy the tone and approach.  Looking forward to trying it out.


  1. Star Wars RPG revised, expanded and updated weighs in at 506 pages of SW RPG goodness! http://waveyourgeekflag.blogspot.com/2014/11/star-wars-roleplaying-game-revised.html ,
  2. Star Trek 3 to drop July 8, 2016 coincides with 50 yr anniversary of original trek. http://www.theverge.com/2014/12/23/7443063/stark-trek-3-release-date-july-2016 ,


Spacer Tape

015 Scifi Roleplaying Games

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Scifi rpgs, is space handled like Firefly or Star Wars? We talk about the challenges of a scifi game. Hard science and how ‘crazy’ do you get when you offer a scifi rpg to your players?

Episode 15 Show Outline



Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter

Phil Vecchionne, blogger at Gnome Stew, Engine Publishing – contributor for both  Eureka: 501 Dramatic Plots to Inspire Game Masters and Masks: 1000 Memorable NPCs For Any Role Playing GameIn 2012 I released my first solo book: Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide To Session Prep, weighs in on Episode 12’s – Game Balance: http://www.gnomestew.com/gming-advice/the-real-issues-with-encounter-balance/

Email from Austin

Hey guys, I was thinking, over the last few episodes there has been a lot of talk of stuff like Evercon where it’s run by younger gamers, and a few times Brett has talked about running for his kids. I’d be interested to hear you guys talk a bit about the ways gaming has and is changing through it’s new gamers, and what has changed, for better or worse for people trying to get into the hobby. Thanks, Austin


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Topics of Discussion

  1. Picking up our discussion on sci-fi rpgs
    1. define – Star Wars is not scifi? what makes an rpg scifi?
    2. popularity – fantasy seems to be big in rpg’s why not scifi?
    3. expectations – transhuman, what is possible? what is too crazy?
    4. munsters can be tricky, fascinating
  2. Popular scifi rpgs
    1. Stars Without Number
    2. GURPS Transhuman Space
    3. Last Parsec – Savage Worlds
    4. Traveller – original and Mongoose
    5. Eclipse Phase
    6. Star Trek
    7. Serenity/Firefly ?
    8. Star Frontiers
    9. Gamma World
    10. Ashen Stars


Die Roll 


  1. Holiday games – as in having holidays in your game world
  2. My kids love NPCs
  3. Happy holidays to folks


  1. Theories on Time Travel & Wormholes http://www.space.com/28000-physicist-kip-thorne-wildest-theories.html
  2. Black Hole comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgNDao7m41M



Did we miss a scifi game? Have you run scifi rpg? Let us know which one and how you run it!  via email gamingandbs@gmail.com or call 929.BIG.DICE

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014 Tech at the Gaming Table

Technology at the gaming table, what do you allow? Laptops ok or are they a distraction? “Hey man, can you put away your cell phone for a second. It’s your turn.”

Episode 14 Show Outline

Guest Chad Knight joins us to talk about EverCon.org. tech at the table, Die Roll, and Skill Check!


Poll results – How many cons do you attend?

Website: 75% 2-3, 25% 1-2

Google Plus: 80% 1-2, 10% only 1, 10% 4+

Facebook: 100% 1-2

Guest – Chad Knight talks about EverCon (http://evercon.org)

Topic of Discussion – Technology at the Table

What types of tech do you allow, encourage, tolerate at the table?

  • tablets
  • phones
  • laptops

Why do you allow/tolerate it?

  • PDFs
  • Apps (dice, character sheets, etc)

What tech don’t you allow and why?

What about projectors or LCD TV’s turned into high-tech gaming table?

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Die Roll 


  1. Last game for 2014 for my group
  2. Space Hulk Deal!
  3. Pathfinder Unchained – could be cool (http://paizo.com/products/btpy97vo?Pathfinder-Roleplaying-Game-Pathfinder-Unchained-Hardcover)


  1. Gamers Behaving Badly a venture of Chris Hussey https://plus.google.com/+ChrisHussey/posts check it out: http://www.tabletalesseries.com/index.php/archives/category/gamers-behaving-badly
  2. One Book Shelf owner of DriveThruRPG removes item. Posted only on G+? https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DriveThruRPG/posts/RjNqnw6yn8q

Skill Check – Chad performs skill check!


GM or Player?


  1. Fighter? Magic User? Thief? Cleric?
  2. PC Death – great for story? please don’t kill my guy?
  3. Rules lawyer? power gamer? ac TOR?
  4. Rule zero or “I’m a player and I have equal rights!”
  5. Favorite rpg?