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Episodes of our flagship show, Gaming & BS

GBS Finale Trailer

Gaming and BS trailer leading up to the final episode – #384. Submit your questions for the AMA: Join us LIVE on June 27th at 8pm CT/1am GMT

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RPG Starter Sets

Is getting a rpg starter set worth purchasing or should you go straight to the core book? Announcements Thank you carlclare for the kind review GM Mastermind! Random Encounter Matt aka mgr comments on the last episode Duet Gaming Forrest comments on Duet Gaming Die Roll Trailhead from Discord: 150 Toothless Skulls in Mexico, Ancient…

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Duet RPG Play

Duet gaming, or one game master and one player. Announcements End is near. After 7+ years and what will be 384+ episodes of the show, B and I have decided to retire. Random Encounter DM Cojo voicemail on save or die Die Roll Caught in the Backrooms – a little something by our friend Chad…

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Brett GMs, Sean Player

Brett assumes the role as game master as Sean plays two characters in this short adventure. Only this time Brett talks about the decisions he makes and why, and he does it in real-time.   Subscribe on iOS or Android so you don’t miss our next episode where we have a big news to share….

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