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022 RPG Wikis and Dissemination of Info

We start out talking about how Brett organizes his campaign info using a wiki and then slide into disseminating campaign information using social media. How do you manage getting information to your players? Episode 22 Show Agenda Intro including music – Home of the Character Folio Announcements Gamehole NewsThe Rodneys!The what? Yes, The Rodneys….

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021 Gender Mixing, Male Players Playing Female Characters

Males players playing female characters in roleplaying games, that’s the topic. Do you allow it? Is it a big deal? Episode 21 Show Outline Intro including music – Home of the Character Folio Announcements Submitted Gaming and BS to Thanks to Moe Tousignant for the suggestion. 10th annual podcast awards at NMX in Vegas….

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020 Experience Points & Character Advancement

Incentive for level-based roleplaying game systems is typically experience points. We talk about player character advancement and how pacing goes back to game balance. How do you handle character advancement in level-based systems? Episode 20 Show Outline Intro including music and Announcements Gamehole Con, met with director Alex, and we’re sorting out our plans….

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019 Homebrew RPG Settings

Brett and Sean talk about homebrew RPG settings versus prepublished ones. Is the mystery lost when players have access to the world atlas and details? What’s your preference? Show outline Advert from Greyed Out Visit their online store and use promo code: GamingandBS to receive 10% off your order. Topics of Discussion – Homebrew RPG Settings…

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