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017 Alignment In Fantasy RPGs

We talk about alignment, primarily in D&D/fantasy roleplaying games. How do you handle alignment in your game? Intro including music Announcements Sean submitted event for in March. Running One Minute to Midnight, a Spycraft d20 scenario. Brett will be at next weekend and is all set to go. Random Encounter – messages from…

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016 Props in Roleplaying Games

Props in roleplaying games, it may take work but it can add more to your game. Oh! And it doesn’t have to be something the GM offers! Episode 16 Show Outline Intro including music Announcements Hope those out there that celebrated Xmas had a ¬†good time with family and friends – and happy upcoming New…

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015 Scifi Roleplaying Games

Scifi rpgs, is space handled like Firefly or Star Wars? We talk about the challenges of a scifi game. Hard science and how ‘crazy’ do you get when you offer a scifi rpg to your players? Episode 15 Show Outline Intro Announcements Random Encounter – messages from audience via email, G+ community or Twitter Phil…

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014 Tech at the Gaming Table

Technology at the gaming table, what do you allow? Laptops ok or are they a distraction? “Hey man, can you put away your cell phone for a second. It’s your turn.” Episode 14 Show Outline Guest Chad Knight joins us to talk about tech at the table, Die Roll, and Skill Check! Announcements Poll…

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