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009 RPG Convention Game Prep

RPG Convention game prep: goals of the game, what should players bring, pacing and more. Episode 9 Show Outline Announcements Friends of the show page on the website. Drop us a line. Random Encounter Email from Nick A. Comments from Chad K. Topics of Discussion – Convention Game Prep Game Master Game system known system unknown…

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008 Fresh Blood Into RPG Hobby

We talk about getting new people into the tabletop rpg hobby. Be careful of turning-off new players – killing pc’s, ruling with iron fist, and more. Episode 8 Show Outline Announcements VOTE DAMMIT! <psa> Topics of Discussion – New Gamers How we got started in RPGs The pitch – what to say to someone to…

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007 Interview with Alex from Gamehole Con

Brett is out for this one so Sean interviews the Director of  Gamehole Con, Alex Kammer. Episode 7 Show Outline While Brett spends time in the woods of northern Wisconsin Sean flies solo but not without the help of Alex Kammer, Director, of Gamehole Con. Topic of Discussion – Alex Kammer of Gamehole Con Our first…

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RPG Settings

RPG Settings (aka Location, Location, Location). Homebrew vs prepublished. Does one take more work than the other?

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