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Team Spirit

Team spirit, yes we have it, how bout you? Is Dungeons and Dragons a team game? Certainly it is a collaborative rpg. You need to rely on different class abilities in order to overcome obstacles and have your character survive. Little argument there, but what about being an actual team game, with mechanics, or incentives,…

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Codified Rules in RPG’s

Some tabletop role-playing games can have a LOT of rules and mechanics. We can often use them or not. Pick what you want, leave what you don’t. But! There may be advantages to codifying rules for your rpg. Announcements New Avalon product on DTRPG – Avalon Trinkets Exploring Eberron giveaway, enter your email here: …

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Healing in Table-top RPG’s

Every PC hurts, sometimes. Healing in table-top role-playing games. You can use spells, scrolls, potions, but then there’s the long and short rests. A combat lasts 2-3 minutes. The party is wasted. You hear it come from the players, “we rest!” Are there other ways to handle the 5 minute work day of an adventurer?…

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Some Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Brett throws some Advanced Dungeons & Dragons at his home group and realizes how it is turning his game into something different. This isn’t to talk about the rules of AD&D, but to offer insight into how the game provides a different experience for his game group and how Brett runs the fantasy rpg. Announcements Giving a…

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