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Now Hold It Right There

Running a role-playing game for young teenagers presents a certain set of challenges. DM Cojo has a voicemail where he shares his observations. “No, Little Johnny, you can’t be a half-orc barbarian. Ok, little Sally, you can’t just fly”…or can you?

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Tracking Player Character Wealth

Tracking wealth, aka the treasure, of player characters, is it needed? How do you do it? “Tired of tracking coins and individual purchases for player characters in role-playing games, I’ve experimented with several other methods that abstract wealth. It’s more a matter of what standard of living the PCs can afford. Anything appropriate to that…

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Description Expectations in RPG’s

Descriptions in rpg’s. How to align the way the game master and players exchange information. An example: “I’m looking for any irregularities in the walls, drafts, breaks in the mortar” versus “I search the room”. Thanks to Matt Seiberlich for the topic suggestion.

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Sub-Optimal Play in RPG’s

Sub-optimal behavior is core to tabletop role-playing games. Matt Colville mentions this in his Running the Game #56 and I figured we should discuss it

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