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Audio in Tabletop Role-playing Games

Audio in tabletop role-playing games can certainly help with immersion. You can use looping music for background ambiance, or you can use sound effects for things occurring within your game, examples include the crackle of a fire place, sounds of laser guns, battle noises with swords clanging and much more. Does it ever become too…

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Game Master Screen Today

Game master screens, we talked about them in the past. Do we use a GM screen or do we not? But times have changed as we start to do more gaming via online – Zoom, Discord, Skype…has the purpose of the GM screen changed with the times? Random Encounter Voicemail from Chris Shorb on GM…

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Game Master Is Not A Player

Of course the game master is considered a player in a traditional tabletop role-playing game. They just have a different role with different duties and responsibilities. Seriously, being the game master is no joke. You schedule games, maintain order at the table, paint the picture, become well-versed in the rules, create or present the setting….

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Cursed Items

Cursed items in tabletop role-playing games can make for some pretty shitty situations for player characters. “OH! Yeah, you’re always at minus two to hit.” That can suck. However, there are other ways to make cursed items quirky, fun, laughable yet not too obnoxious. Thanks Ahzad for the inspiration! Announcements Virtual Gamehole Con event registration…

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