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GM’s Making Die Rolls for Players

Sometimes it may be a better idea for the GM to roll some dice for the players – like those time when your ninja is trying to move silently, or your Street Samurai is trying to hear if anything is behind the door, or maybe your wizard is trying to spot the book that has…

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Non-combat Encounters in RPG’s

Non-combat encounters in RPG’s… Don’t make encounters about “combat”. What are our thoughts on that? Asks Sky. Create an encounter, it’s up to the players if they make it combat-based…but not always. We also touch on resolving the encounter, typically social in nature. Announcements Survey to gauge interest in playing online with Brett, Sean…

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Ideal Game Group

The ideal game group for role-playing games is more than just the perfect amount of participants. It encompasses a wide array of things like types of players, the games you play, whether you game master or play, whether you have game masters as players. Of course we don’t want bad players at the table, but…

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Innovations in RPG Delivery and Presentation

The year? 2020. The tabletop industry at its core is still books, pen, paper, and dice. PDF’s are just electronic versions of role-playing game books. With all the technical advances in today’s modern era, are there different ways of delivering and presenting rpg’s? Announcements Survey to gauge interest in playing online with Brett, Sean and…

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