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Build Your Own RPG System

The topic of GM Style has lead Brett down a potentially dangerous path – the poor bastard is thinking of building his own rpg system! *shudder* So, let’s ask ourselves – why the hell would anyone do such a thing? Announcements Chases coming to How 2 RPG please subscribe. Gamehole Virtual Con moves forward for…

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Relying on NPC’s

I’ve been thinking about PCs relying too much on NPCs. In a couple games I’ve been running/playing in, it seems like almost every time a question gets asked or a decision has to be made, the PCs say, “What does the NPC think? Does the NPC know the solution?” Basically, the PCs want to follow…

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Game Master Style

Game Master’s style, it’s not about whether a game master is good or bad. It’s about the things they do. One GM may be strict rules-as-written, another may go with the flow at the table. We all have our own style. Random Encounter Mike Watkins sends in voicemail about spell components and resources Mike Watkins…

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All About Resources Part 2

Episode 296 it was all about the resources in tabletop rpg’s. We talked about the idea of tracking gear and food and such as a possible way to help make certain adventures/stories fun.  Now let’s see if we can come up with some methods for tracking this stuff so it’s not too much work. Random…

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