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066 Critical Hits and Fumbles in RPGs

Critical hits and fumbles in tabletop roleplaying games, how do they enrich your game or can they be just plain silly? Some systems have critical hits and fumbles built into it. Most of us may have taken it upon ourselves to incorporate such a system into our house rules. Dungeon Crawl Classics make critical hits…

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065 RPG Styles and Systems

RPG styles and systems, a preference on system and how it may tie into system. It’s hard to explain, but we get there…eventually. We’ve been thinking a lot recently about roleplaying game systems that are designed specifically for certain types of stories v. those systems that try and be generic enough to “do it all”

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064 Holidays in Roleplaying Games

Holidays and festivals in roleplaying games, they can bring people together, start plots and story arcs and much more. They also help to enforce seasonal changes and the passage of time. There’s also the real-world holidays and how they effect your game. Tis the holiday season and we want your rpg to be festive!

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063 Treachery in Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Treachery in roleplaying games, how do you handle that and betrayal without having players get upset? After Sean and Chris from MM used each other to cheat on Phil and Me, I figured we’d talk about: Treachery in your RPGs!

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