All the BS you can handle.

BBS005 Phil Vecchione Surprise

Interview with Phil Vecchione co-author of Focal Point, the Complete Game Master’s Guide to Running Extraordinary Sessions and then all hell breaks loose.  

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043 Taking It To The Table

Advice on running a roleplaying game. We dance around the topic, field listener feedback and cover Die Roll! Episode 43 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by Announcements Blubrry affiliate. One month for free. Promo code GamingandBS. BonusBS Ep 004, Part 2 of Inside Gaming and BS. Work Flow. Rocker Boys and Vending Machines! –…

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BBS004 Inside Gaming & BS Part 2: Work Flow – Bonus BS

Part 2 of Inside Gaming BS series. Sean talks about the work flow and technical process of podcast production of an episode in this Bonus BS. BBS004 Show Agenda Operation work flow Google docs easy to share/collaborate show outline/agenda template easy show notes spreadsheet for sponsors when they were mentioned time – billing Skype or…

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042 Taboos in Roleplaying Games

Is there anything you won’t allow in your game if you’re running a roleplaying game? As a player, is there certain situations or subjects that are taboo and off limits in your rpg? It’s our topic of discussion in this episode. Episode 42 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by Announcements Bonus BS is all up…

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