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084 Inclusion in RPG Hobby

Inclusion in the RPG hobby, there are times when we are not doing our best at welcoming others into awesome world of role-playing games. Even when interacting with people of other genders, ethnicity, etc, we can say the wrong thing without even being aware of the fact. Of course there are people that consciously choose…

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083 No Shows at RPG Cons

No shows at rpg cons, it happens. Before being perturbed, it is possible that someone had an emergency come up and could not get to to the convention. But what can you do? Well, the con organizers probably have some method of refunding your ticket or getting you into another game if you’re a player…

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082 Dedication to System

Dedication to system, or system mastery, is often used in the same context. While it may take ‘dedication to an rpg system’ in order to gain mastery of its rules, it’s not always the case. There are advantages and disadvantages to being dedication to sone system. System mastery is obviously an advantage, but what about…

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081 Player versus Player

Player versus player in roleplaying games, without agreement and understanding in advance it can turn out to be a royal fiasco. We specify player versus player and character versus character. Brett talks about how there has been positive gaming experiences when players go back and forth with their characters, but it doesn’t always happen that…

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