BBS002 Bonus BS Events Guy Josh Hoyt of Gamehole Con

Josh Hoyt, Director of Games, making him the events guy at Gamehole Con. Gamehole Con is a yearly tabletop gaming convention held in November in Madison, Wisconsin. This is Gamehole Con’s third year. Their debut event had 200+ events. This year they are already over 500!

Sean talks to Josh about his gaming background, what makes Gamehole Con different from other gaming conventions, and what it takes to coordinate events. We didn’t forget to put him through Skill Check!

BBS001 Bonus BS ENnie Awards Lowdown with Hans Cummings

We get the lowdown on the ENnie Awards from the ENnie Submissions Coordinator and Publisher Relations, Hans Cummings.

About Hans

He’s the Author/Publisher & tabletop gamer since 1982

He’s recognized as ‘One of Nuvo’s Best Local Authors’ in Indianapolis:

Some of his works include…

    • Fear the Boot’s Sojurn & Sojurn Vol 2 anthology
    • Fantasy Duology: The Foundation of the Drak-Anor: Wings of Twilight & Iron Fist of the Oroos


  • The Zack Jackson series to include The Cult of Athos, The Hives of Valtra and the Cytherean Academy

His hobbies include reading, learning, tabletop and computer gaming, smoking meat, and igniting young people’s curiosity and passion for science and exploration.

You can find him

We bring him on the show because he’s also a volunteer for the tabletop gaming industry ENnie Awards as Submissions Coordinator & Publisher Relations.

Skill Check