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Moving Past the Example in RPG’s

A rpg player gets stuck. GM says “you could do…” The player now hangs on to GM’s example. How do you get the player to move past the example? Announcements Find a game, run a game. Link Brett was a guest on Craig Shipman’s “THIRD FLOOR WARS – Tabletop Talk” – due out in April/May…

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Inject Homewbrew into Prepublished Adventures

Using prepublished adventures are handy, but may not facilitate the character development you seek. But you can inject homebrew elements into your prepublished module and make it your own. Announcements Gaming Moot and Roundtable help you find a new game to play and meet other BS’ers. Link. Brett will be a guest on Craig Shipman’s…

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Slow Burn vs Hot Start in RPG’s

Slow burn lay out everything up front. Hot start or in media res, getting right into the action. Opening an rpg with either has its benefits. Random Encounter The Warden comments on Deploying Lore The Warden comments on Deploying Lore There are typically two approaches I like to use when it comes to providing setting…

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Plot Coupons

Right? Plot coupon, where you have to go around and collect a plot point from NPC’s before you can move to the next step in an rpg scenario. It’s one of Brett’s favorite things to do in tabletop role-playing game! Random Encounter Voicemail from Kyle on Deploying Lore Voicemail from Kyle on Deploying Lore Email…

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