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RPG’s That Changed Our Play

You play D&D, but then you come across that one rpg, or two, or three, that really changes how you play or run a role-playing game. Thanks to Blake Ryan for the inspiration. Random Encounter Tom comments on RPG PURGE Tom comments on RPG PURGE I’ve done this twice. Once when I realized my RPG…

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The mighty rpg purge. How do you determine what to keep and what to unload? Sometimes it’s easy to decide. Simply look at the role-playing games you haven’t played in a while or have lost it’s luster, sell, trade or donate them. Do you ever have regrets on getting rid of that rpg? Why do…

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You are about to play a supers game, but aren’t into comics of movies. That’s just an example. Do you do anything special when you’re about to play in a genre or system unfamiliar to you? Thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick for the topic! Announcements Let’s play! Topic on Discord and Forums. Visit Arcadia Magazine…

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Moving Past the Example in RPG’s

A rpg player gets stuck. GM says “you could do…” The player now hangs on to GM’s example. How do you get the player to move past the example? Announcements Find a game, run a game. Link Brett was a guest on Craig Shipman’s “THIRD FLOOR WARS – Tabletop Talk” – due out in April/May…

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