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All About the Resources

Ok, I have 3 torches; rations, iron, 2 weeks; 1 waterskin and 20 arrows. We know the ruins are a week’s journey, one way. Time passes. Now you are down to 5 arrows, no water, and the bear ate your food, what do you do? This is a different type of game, but what challenges…

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Applying Pressure on PC’s, Part 2

In episode 294 we talked about applying pressure to the player characters in order to add a sense of tension. We never outlined how to apply pressure and tension. We make an attempt at doing that in this episode. Next Episode Subscribe on iOS or Android so you don’t miss our next episode.…

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Applying Pressure to PC’s

Walking through the woods and you come across a “insert creature here”. Fight it, win. But what about applying more pressure to pc’s? “You are in a spaceship, the engines are out, there’s a creature making its way down the corridor and you have been poisoned with the antidote three decks below you.” Keep things…

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Skill Piling in Tabletop RPG’s

Skill piling in tabletop rpg’s,  the fail and subsequent “I check” from another player, and another, and another. We list examples, determine if it’s a good idea, and whether it apply to all role-playing games. Announcements Event registration for Gamehole Con is live. Nov 5-8th, 2020 Con of Champions, May 23-25, online. Proceeds go to…

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