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Cheating in Role-Playing Games

Cheating in rpg’s, or as Brett puts it “what the f#$% is wrong with some people?” We talk about different ways people have tried to cheat and how you can approach people you know, not suspect, is cheating.

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Art in Role-Playing Games

Art has has such an impact on the rpg hobby. It not only conveys what the game may be about, but it evokes a feeling. It can be space ships, adventurers, discovering treasure, combat, action, and much, much more. It also ties a brand together. Be sure to look at your podcatcher as you listen…

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BS’er Feedback aka Random Encounters

We were set to talk about art in role-playing games, but had to call an audible. Sean got shot at, Brett played some games, and we field some great Random Encounters.

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Temple of Elemental Evil

Brett wants to talk about one of the few modules he actually runs. It’s the Temple of Elemental Evil. A 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module by Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer. But like many of our shows the topic morphs a bit into module design.

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