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054 Player Character Pain in Roleplaying Games

Player character pain in roleplaying games. Sean believes that the physical piece is tied to mechanics while the mental pain is tied to roleplaying. Sometimes there are mechanics that help simulate pain. Maybe it’s the condition track in WotC’s Star Wars Saga Edition rpg, you take damage and move down a condition track and taking…

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053 Challenges Killing Player Characters in RPGs

Challenges killing player characters, is it tougher to do with today’s roleplaying games? Episode 53 Show Agenda Reading from Curt Thompson’s G+ Intro Announcements Random Encounter – emails, voice mails, social media from listeners Moe Tousignant re: Weird on G+ Darcy Ross re: Weird on G+ Victor Wyatt comment on G+ Voicemail from Joe Matt…

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052 Gear in Roleplaying Games

Gear in roleplaying games may incude a ten foot pole, bag of flower, pouch of marbles and more. How do you handle gear in your rpg. Episode 52 Show Agenda Intro Announcements Gamehole attendees flying in for con. If you give me a heads up AND are flying into Madison, I will try to pick…

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051 Weirdness in Roleplaying Games

Weirdness in roleplaying games. How weird is too weird? Guest Alex Kammer of Gamehole Con joins us. Episode 51 Show Agenda Intro Sponsored by Announcements Thank you to everyone for listening to our BS up to episode 50! Shout outs to those that left audio well-wishes. In no particular order: Kevin Knealy, Roger Brasslet,…

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