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025 Break Time and RPG Group Size

Sometimes we need to take a break from gaming and the reasons may vary. It could be GM burn-out or a player that just isn’t into the game. We also talk about Brett’s 10 person gaming group and how a smaller, more intimate, group can be more beneficial. There’s also different ways to handle rpg…

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024 Railroading and Sandboxes in Role-playing Games

Railroading and Sandboxes in role-playing games, Brett and Sean broach the often-discussed topic. Many commentary rpg podcasts typically talk about this, here is our take. Episode 24 Show Agenda Random Encounter A couple of recent emails and posts. Shane writes in response to episode 22 RPG Wikis and Dissemination of Info: Thanks again for the…

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023 What Have RPGs Done For You?

We touch on the benefits of roleplaying games in our professional lives. Then we get off the beaten path…. Die roll is still included and Sean goes on rant over bad experience registering for events for GaryCon. Episode 23 Show Agenda Intro – Sponsored by Dark Theatre, home of the character folio! Sponsor Topic of…

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022 RPG Wikis and Dissemination of Info

We start out talking about how Brett organizes his campaign info using a wiki and then slide into disseminating campaign information using social media. How do you manage getting information to your players? Episode 22 Show Agenda Intro including music – Home of the Character Folio Announcements Gamehole NewsThe Rodneys!The what? Yes, The Rodneys….

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