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087 GM Screens

GM screens are great for referencing rules without having to page through a thick rpg rule book. Some of us choose not to use them because they can be intrusive and create a physical barrier between the players and the game master. Use them or not, there can be some pretty creative screens out there…

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086 Secret Convo in RPGs

Secret conversations in rpgs. We pass notes. Game Masters pull players aside to talk ¬†about something that may not be privy to the in-game situation. Does it matter if the rest of your group hears these conversations? Sometimes this can take attention from others. Like the theater diva of the group seeks attention, so would…

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085 Counting Coup in RPGs

Counting coup in rpgs, it stems from an old tradition of the Native Americans. In roleplaying games it can be considered a different way to handle combat. It doesn’t always have to be ‘to the death’! What if a nonplayer character needs the party to do some bidding, yet they still need to convey their…

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084 Inclusion in RPG Hobby

Inclusion in the RPG hobby, there are times when we are not doing our best at welcoming others into awesome world of role-playing games. Even when interacting with people of other genders, ethnicity, etc, we can say the wrong thing without even being aware of the fact. Of course there are people that consciously choose…

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