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Audio in RPG’s

Brett and Sean had a couple people comment on our forums, here, and here, about the use of audio for your rpg. Whether it is a soundtrack that helps paint the scene or if it’s ambient sound that sets mood…we touch on it. Announcements Brett steps down from Evercon Leadership role. Survey to gauge interest…

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Practice Playing RPG’s

Sometimes, there’s no shortcut for experience. We talked with Tim D about this a bit when we had him on to talk AS&SH.  We need to try and do and keep trying and doing to get good at something. It’s been said you need 10,000 hours to be proficient at a skill.  Does this apply…

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Player Character Health

We’ve chatted about player character health before, but Brett thought he’d bring it back up as part of the “things I learned” from his Delta Green game around lethality and tracking damage. When a game is lethal it seems to be logical for GMs and Players to want to know exactly what part of a…

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Brett’s New Approach To His Upcoming Role-playing Game

Brett is trying something new with his upcoming home game. We start with talking about campaign length but divert to the aforementioned change in Brett’s rpg. Random Encounter Laramie on Folklore Foes Laramie comments on the forums about Folklore Foes COMMENTS!!! I know I for one don’t really care when the show is recorded or…

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