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Sean’s Venture Into Call of Cthulhu

Brett wants to know more about Sean’s venture into Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game by Chaosium.

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Do Players Make Good Game Masters?

We flip the tables this episode, as Brett says, and talk about players becoming rpg game masters.

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RPG Campaign Updates

We talk about some recent happenings in our RPG campaigns.

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Playtesting RPG’s

Things You Cannot Know

The unexplainable. The mysterious. Sometimes there are things your player character in your rpg will just not know.

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Tactical in RPG’s Redux

We re-address the tactical part of rpg’s since Brett started a new Pathfinder game.

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Random Encounter Catch Up

We had a topic, but we also had a LOT of feedback from role-playing gamers. It’s an extended Random Encounter episode!

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Two New RPG Campaigns

Both Brett and Sean recently launched role-playing game campaigns. How did it go?

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Chases in RPG’s