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Playtesting RPG’s

Things You Cannot Know

The unexplainable. The mysterious. Sometimes there are things your player character in your rpg will just not know.

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Tactical in RPG’s Redux

We re-address the tactical part of rpg’s since Brett started a new Pathfinder game.

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Random Encounter Catch Up

We had a topic, but we also had a LOT of feedback from role-playing gamers. It’s an extended Random Encounter episode!

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Two New RPG Campaigns

Both Brett and Sean recently launched role-playing game campaigns. How did it go?

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Chases in RPG’s

Reload A Previous Save

Going back – would you ever reboot one of your own rpg campaign-stories but revised with the lessons learned? Why/why not? Would you change role-playing game system or setting or neither? Inspired by Blake Ryan.

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Detect Evil

Getting Info from Players – Pre-session Zero

Soliciting information from your players before session zero can give you some insight into their tabletop role-playing game preferences and play style. It will help you have a successful rpg campaign! What questions do you want to ask and why.

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