182 Conversion Dilema


Let’s talk about those “old” settings, adventures, and so on – the ones that are for the previous edition of your favorite game, but you want to use them with the newer version. Do you really need to do the work to convert them, can you just use them “as is”, or does it depend entirely on what you intend to do with source material?

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181 Made for the Player Characters or Not


When we setup a campaign how to we want to deal with the PCs’ actions – We all know the player character’s are the most important people in the game, but is this about the world working around the PCs and their backstories, or about the PCs imposing themselves onto the world?

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180 Adversarial Players in RPG’s


After we talked about Adversarial GMing Andy Hall asked us to chat about Adversarial Players. This may be just as hard to define as Adversarial GMing, but let’s see what we can do with this. Lets talk about adversarial players in rpg’s.

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