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How Much Role-Playing Game Prep?

Has tabletop role-playing game prep changed for us over the years? If so, why? It depends on the game. Be it a one shot, a campaign or con event, game prep may be different for each. Thanks James for posing the question.

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Team Player or Lone Wolf

PCs Operating as a Team v. as Individuals Some games seem to promote individual play as much as group play – some players seem to thrive/enjoy doing private adventures in and amongst other groups.  What are our experiences with this?

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What Do We Want To See Out of New RPGs

We often talk about mechanics, settings, options, and features of an role-playing game system that we like or don’t like, but is there something that we wish was out there that we’ve not found yet? I mean… what’s the next development in gaming that we’re waiting to have someone build?

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Show Hosts

Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.