Based out of lovely Wisconsin, USA, Gaming and BS is a podcast that talks about roleplaying games and other miscellaneous topics of geekery.

Brett and Sean are two guys working for The Man Monday through Friday. While people in corporate meetings are thinking of deliverables and timelines, we’re thinking about how a half-orc barbarian may influence the decision-making process. On second thought, we better make that a 4th level, human, Bard.

Often times we find ourselves at lunch talking about role-playing games. The conversation leads to rules, campaigns, plot ideas, character concepts, npc baddies, min maxing players, and much more. Why not share our banter with you?


Brett lives in Wisconsin and has been gaming for over 30 years, and is the GM of his long-time gaming group. He organized the Wausau Gaming Group in 1991 with 13 other members, many of whom still game with him to this day. He has also been a guest of honor for the DC Everest Game Club and became a leader in organizing the Ever Con gaming convention.

His collection of RPGs, whether in print or pdf, amount to about 60 core systems, which we’re sure he’ll be playing or gm’ing any day now.

Lately he has been running Pathfinder RPG, Amber Diceless, and Trail of Cthuhlu’s Book Hounds of LondonCircle Brett on G+ or head to Twitter and follow him.
sean-gaming-and-bsSean resides in Wisconsin and started gaming with his friends when he was 13. That same group still meets when schedules align. After a long hiatus from gaming during his 20’s, he immersed himself back into the hobby.

In May, 2004, he registered the website GrumblingDwarf.com. The website’s mission? To connect with gamers from around the Wisconsin area either through its online forums or face-to-face meet-ups.

If you don’t run into Sean on the street, or on social media, you can find him at GaryCon in March, or GameHole Con in November.

Most recently he’s been playing Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Dungeons & Dragons (5e) Follow him on Twitter, or circle him on Google+