Based out of lovely Wisconsin, USA, Gaming and BS is a podcast that talks about roleplaying games.

Brett and Sean are two guys working for The Man Monday through Friday. While people in corporate meetings are thinking of deliverables and timelines, we’re thinking about how a half-orc barbarian may influence the decision-making process. On second thought, we better make that a 4th level, human, Bard.

Sean raising a glass to the guys at Misdirected Mark podcast

Often times we find ourselves at lunch talking about role-playing games. The conversation leads to rules, campaigns, plot ideas, character concepts, npc baddies, min maxing players, and much more. Why not share our banter with you?

Listening to Gaming and BS you’ll realize that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re not dummies, but we didn’t want to make this show academic in nature.

The format of Gaming and BS, the rpg podcast, is made up of 4 segments.


Covers any announcements and may even touch on some personal discussion. (5 – 10 minutes)

Random Encounter

Your hosts, Brett and Sean, field feedback from emails, voice mails, comments from the website and social media. Here is where we tap you, a member of our community, to correct us, agree with us, provide us with a different perspective, share your experiences on the topic of a previous episode, or :gasp: disagree with us. (10 – 30 minutes)

Main Topic

RPG Rules, systems, game group cohesion, game master and player advice. Some of our topics will be inspired by, or come directly from, members of our community – aka BS’ers. (30 – 45 min)

Die Roll

2d4 Miscellaneous points of gaming or geekery Brett and Sean want to share with you. It could be something that could be used to inspire your rpg, interesting rpg-related Kickstarters, or sites that tie back into our main topic. (5 – 10 minutes)


An average episode of an rpg podcast is about an hour, while Gaming and BS is about 50 – 75 minutes.


Brett as a child