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BBS021 Forbidden Lands with Phil Vecchione

Forbidden Lands is a tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing. Sean is about to run a short campaign and taps Phil Vecchione to provide some insight. Phil has been running Forbidden Lands for over a year and the original player characters are still alive. Phil Vecchione is no stranger to Gaming and BS. He’s been...

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Plot Coupons

Right? Plot coupon, where you have to go around and collect a plot point from NPC’s before you can move to the next step in an rpg scenario. It’s one of Brett’s favorite things to do in tabletop role-playing game! Random Encounter Voicemail from Kyle on Deploying Lore Voicemail from Kyle on Deploying Lore Email...

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Not So Supers

Sean is not a fan of supers rpg’s. Brett is not a fan of the hex crawl. We ask ourselves why and would there be any way to open up our minds. Random Encounter Craig Shipman makes an offer – VOICE MAIL Craig Shipman makes an offer – VOICE MAIL Craig Shipman Brett and Sean...

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Ways to Deploy Lore

Conveying rpg lore to your players. You can give them the mongo journal you created, but there may be other ways to deploy lore in your tabletop rpg. Thanks to Billarnold on the forums for the inspiration on this one. Random Encounter DM Matt emails us on Brett using different ability for skill checks DM...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.