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Dragonlance, it was an idea by Tracy and Laura Hickman that became a D&D game at TSR. It ultimately went on to be adventure modules, books and even a movie.

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Game Master Meta Terms

Metagaming, we covered it. This is more meta terms the game master may use in a game. An example, “That’s a side quest, it’s not part of the main plot.”

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Suspending Belief in Role-Playing Games

“Your PC falls 120′ and suffers 60 points of damage”. No problem, I still have 60 left. Sometimes it’s a small thing that throws us off, and sometimes it’s something bigger. What are the boundaries/levels of “Suspension of Disbelief” that we’ll put up with and where does it break, and ruin a game for us? 

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Con Game Excitement, Bring It Home

A while back Brett brought up the idea of running home games more like convention games – asking why we don’t do that. We’re going to revisit this topic but with a slightly different angle that I think should be more useful: Using the con game magic to bring back the wonder in your home...

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Show Hosts

Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.