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Meta Currencies

Meta currencies like bennies in Savage Worlds, momentum in Star Trek Adventures, light and darks side points in FFG’s Start Wars, FATE points…we talk about them. Thanks to Peter Skanes for the topic!

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Consuming RPG Setting Material

Read it all. Skim it. Take notes. How do you consume RPG setting material? Thanks Jim Fitzpatrick for the point of inspiration!

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Recovering From A Bad Game

It can be a little bit intimidating and difficult to recover after you run a bad game. How do you engage the players again? Do you discuss issues with the game at that point? Do you just move on? Dow do you approach resolving or improving? Questions posed by Tony Baker, we try and tackle...

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238 Tekumel and Empire of the Petal Throne

Victor Raymond joins Sean to talk about the OSR, MAR Barker – author of Empire of the Petal Throne, and Tekumel!

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Show Hosts

Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.