102 Gaming Away From The Table


With the recent Kickstarter from Monte Cook Games where Monte talks about addressing absentee members of the game group yet still facilitate a method of play. We figured we’d want to elaborate on this. Be it a forum where you discuss what your player character does during down-time, or it’s a real life letter from one player character to another, there’s ways to make this happen, but is it something we prefer?

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101 At What Cost?


In this episode we field a question posed to us by Pure Mongrel’s G+ post

I have a pondering for you guys in regards to game tempo and quality over quantity…

Understanding that each playing group is different, there is a general consensus that combat should be fast, prep time should be minimal and GM’s need to be adaptable; able to cater to a parties erratic decisions and random directions chosen. Are we in danger of diluting our craft with this model? I mean by this are we sacrificing story telling and drama for speed and adaptability? I feel too much player agency leaves the Gm “heading cats”, combat and encounters become to generic and GMing becomes a chore instead of a hobby.

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100 Why We Game


Why we game. How did we get into gaming? What keeps us in the hobby and why is it important to us? We go into a bit about our motivation for partaking in our favorite hobby – playing role-playing games. We share some personal stories along the way. 

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