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Power of the mook in rpg’s. They can be cannon fodder, but let us get creative in how we use mooks in our games. Announcements Gamehole Con – let us know if you’re willing to run a game under our banner. We’ll ensure your game is full, and maybe a token of appreciation. Random Encounter...

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World of Darkness

World of Darkness, a tabletop rpg that Brett ran for 15 years. He talks about the setting, the mechanics and why it appeals to some gamers. Announcements Gamehole Con, housing options opens April 1, 2021 Brett’s interview on Third Floor Wars podcast Random Encounter Mark ‘official BS archivist’ Dawson on Why all the Hate Mark ‘official BS...

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Why All the Hate, Sean?

Why does Sean hate D&D 5th edition? There has to be a reason for this. Maybe it’s the skills, classes or races. Does he really hate it? Announcements Gamehole Con has ordered posters and plans an in-person convention this fall. Random Encounter Akodoken comments on RPG’s that Influenced Our Play Akodoken comments on RPG’s that...

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RPG’s That Changed Our Play

You play D&D, but then you come across that one rpg, or two, or three, that really changes how you play or run a role-playing game. Thanks to Blake Ryan for the inspiration. Random Encounter Tom comments on RPG PURGE Tom comments on RPG PURGE I’ve done this twice. Once when I realized my RPG...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.