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A system-agnostic tabletop role-playing game podcast hosted by Brett and Sean


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When Good Dice Go Bad

What do we do when the dice turn on us? How to have fun even if the randomizer of choice fails us. Announcements BSer Con – event submission closes Jan 3, 2022 Introsignup Die Roll The Wachterhaus Crypt, dnd5e adventure. Expands on events from St. Andral’s Feast in Curse of Strahd on DMs Guild  ...

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Confusion Ignorance Discovery

One of the things that can be very frustrating for our players is when they feel confused or ignorant. Sometimes though, being ignorant and working towards clarity is pretty necessary for the game to work. Announcements BSer Con – submit your events. Random Encounter Rory comments on episode 368 Hack Job or No Voicemail from...

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RPG Hack Job or No

Do we only want a solid core mechanic and then we lean on outside skills or ideas? In short, how much do we like to tinker/develop mechanics ourselves? We talk about the RPG hack job. Announcements BSer Con – Submit your events! Random Encounter Voicemail from Chris Shorb Voicemail from DM Cojo Edwin Nagy writes...

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Choose, RPG Setting or System

What makes us interested in a tabletop rpg? Is it the role-playing game setting(s), or is it the rpg system? Announcements BSer Con Random Encounter Gabe comments on ep 366 handling multiple expectations at the table Davy W writes in Laramie comments on Limiting PC Creation Options for Sake of Tone LordBob comments on Limiting...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.