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Multiple Expectations at the RPG Table

What happens when you have more than one set of expectations/desires at the table? Have one person who doesn’t care if their PC dies early or often, another never wants to die, another wants to just have combat encounters, someone else only wants to role-play…. Announcements BSer Con badge registration and event submission open now...

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Limiting PC Options to Preserve Tone

Maintaining tone in a #ttrpg is one of the hardest things to maintain – Sometimes creating limits to player character generation options can help enforce and maintain this through the campaign. Announcements BSer Con – submit your events. Random Encounter Matt Bohnhoff emails us on The End is Near Voice mail from Chris Shorb Die...

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Save or Die!

Brett is running some AD&D and one of the features (bugs?) in this game is the Save or Die situation. Some folks hate this and others enjoy it. Where are we? Announcements BSer Con is underway with registration and event submission!! Head to . It’s virtual/online Jan 28-30, 2022. Random Encounter Jim, inspiration for...

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How Do We Organize as GM’s

How are Sean and Brett organizing their GM stuff? campaigns, sessions, etc. Anything not working? How much is a matter of having to use the tools and use the tools (practice)? Thanks to patron Jim I. for the inspiration! Announcements IntroSignUp – Thank you Angus, check out Kirby’s Kids Podcast: Project BS: Delta Green...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.