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Vehicles and Mounts in RPGs

Care and feeding as well as combat – how do we use mounts and vehicles in our role-playing games?

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Never Prepared

How prepared are you for your games? Hopefully your better prepared than Brett is for this podcast… but let’s say you need to run an rpg, like right now, and you’ve done no prep.  How would you do it?

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Dragonlance, it was an idea by Tracy and Laura Hickman that became a D&D game at TSR. It ultimately went on to be adventure modules, books and even a movie.

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Game Master Meta Terms

Metagaming, we covered it. This is more meta terms the game master may use in a game. An example, “That’s a side quest, it’s not part of the main plot.”

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Show Hosts

Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.