056 Player Control in Roleplaying Games


Player control in roleplaying games, some may call it ‘player agency’. Brett & Sean run themselves in circles trying to define it. Chits, points, fortune or luck dice can allow a player to change things, is that giving them too much control? Topic inspired by listener Eric Farmer, he got us thinking about the role the player has in dictating what happens in the game. Then there is balance and if that needs to exist. When there is no agency, you may as well get on the Sean train.

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055 Roleplaying for Story


Roleplaying for story, do we do it? First we need to define ‘story’. We, and other like Misdirected Mark, talk about story needs, wants, etc., for our games. If we’re not in it for the story, then what is it? There are dangers in forcing story. Sean Train anyone? Lets face it, story is the end result of playing roleplaying games. Wouldn’t you agree?

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054 Player Character Pain in Roleplaying Games


Player character pain in roleplaying games. Sean believes that the physical piece is tied to mechanics while the mental pain is tied to roleplaying. Sometimes there are mechanics that help simulate pain. Maybe it’s the condition track in WotC’s Star Wars Saga Edition rpg, you take damage and move down a condition track and taking on negatives to your rolls. Call of Cthulhu deals sanity damage. How is pain handled in your rpg?

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