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069 Star Wars Edge of the Empire Part 1

Part one of two where we discuss Star Wars Edge of the Empire roleplaying game published by Fantasy Flight Games. We talk about the dice, dice pool and the narrative component of the rpg system. We also touch on the force die, light and dark side points and how those are used within the game....

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068 Ending the RPG Campaign

Ending the rpg campaign. There can be a number of situations why you would want to wrap up your roleplaying game. Whether it is GM or player burn out, the game is falling apart – players not getting along, or you’re being tempted by the new shiny, we talk about how and when to end it....

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067 Why We Like Dungeons and Dragons

Why we like Dungeons & Dragons. We get asked “you play rpg’s, but why do you like D&D?” We think it’s a good ‘universal’ fantasy rpg system. Most people are aware of how the game works, many have played it at one time or another, and it contains a fair amount of different rpg mechanics –...

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066 Critical Hits and Fumbles in RPGs

Critical hits and fumbles in tabletop roleplaying games, how do they enrich your game or can they be just plain silly? Some systems have critical hits and fumbles built into it. Most of us may have taken it upon ourselves to incorporate such a system into our house rules. Dungeon Crawl Classics make critical hits...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.