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Consequences in Role-playing Games

Consequences in role-playing games. We talk a lot about how “If the PC or Player does something ‘stupid’ they should pay the price for it’ – but is one way of doing this better than another? Announcements – some BSer’s are running games at the con, be great to have more! Grab a copy...

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House Rules Part 2

Last episode (271) we spoke about house rules in rpg’s. We got some pretty good feedback on the topic.

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House Rules in Role-playing Games

House or home rules. What games do you implement your house rules? Do they make the game system better. Are there times that a house rule works across different role-playing games? Thanks to Peter Isaacs for the suggestion.

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How Much Role-Playing Game Prep?

Has tabletop role-playing game prep changed for us over the years? If so, why? It depends on the game. Be it a one shot, a campaign or con event, game prep may be different for each. Thanks James for posing the question.

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Show Hosts

Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.