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BS To Run The Same RPG

Sean and I have been talking about running the same game with the same adventure to see who’s better… actually, just to compare notes on how things are going, talk about how we’re approaching things, and see if we can learn from each other.So, let’s see if we can setting on a system and an...

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Dedicated vs Serious RPG’ers

Sean and I take this hobby seriously – more seriously than some other folks do. What happens when there are differences in dedication between folks in a group? Should folks like Sean and I cut some slack to those who don’t take it as seriously/dedicated as we do? Announcements Gamehole Con events – 10 under...

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RPG Player Feedback

RPG player feedback is not often considered. It is a little different from giving game masters feedback. We talk about it. Announcements Gamehole Con Random Encounter Stephen Dragonspawn emails us on Retcon Deputy Dragonspawn, of the BSPD I believe that you may have forgotten to mention that players often times have the ability to retcon...

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Breaking the Fourth Wall

Getting information to our players and to our GMs can be challenging. We want to do it in character, or as a character. Sometimes it’s just easier to break the 4th wall. Announcements Gamehole Con Random Encounter Timothy Stone calls one in Timothy Stone calls one in Edwin emails us on hex crawls Edwin emails...

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Meet the two hosts of the show, Brett and Sean.