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There are many ways that you can support Gaming and BS. It can be through word of mouth using Twitter, Facebook or G+, a review on iTunes or contributing the cost of a cup of coffee towards the show on a monthly basis. No matter what method you choose, we want to definitely express our gratitude to you. Thank you. (click on image below)


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Think of this as a consistent donation on a per episode basis. We release an episode, you give us a dollar amount. We buy gear, software and pay recurring bills that keep the show going.


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You can send us a one-time payment or a recurring monthly dollar amount. Want to send us a dollar a month, that’s great with us.

125x1255Easy Roller Dice

Need some dice for your game? Then you have to check out these guys. You get some dice and we get a small kickback. Win, win! (affiliate)


Blubrry  gaming and bs blubrry affiliate

We use Blubrry for hosting our mp3 files. We have had great luck with the service. We even use their PowerPress plugin for WordPress creating a cool audio player into our posts. We have an affiliate account with Blubrry. If you are a podcaster looking for a place to host your mp3 files use our affiliate code: GAMINGANDBS. You’ll get a free month and we will receive a few dollars. (affiliate)

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If you’re considering a digital or print-on-demand rpg or supplement, consider clicking through our graphic. That will assign our affiliate code to your purchase. Doing so will give us a credit on DriveThru RPG. We may even use one of our purchases as a prize giveaway! (affiliate)


If you’re going to order things at the online retailer why not use our affiliate link? You get what you need  and we get a little something as well. amazonEverybody wins! (affiliate)



Tired of shared hosting? A virtual private server is what we use. There is a bit of a learning curve, but the tutorials are awesome and easy to follow. It’s so worth it. Headaches that we’ve encountered over the years are gone. (affiliate)linode-logo_standard_light_large



PodPledge is an alternative to Patreon. You can choose to give monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time.

trycast-logoWe use Trycast to record the show. It works great when you have multiple people that can’t be in the same room. It’s super easy for nontechnical guests. Start a session, send a link to your co-host/guests and off you go. Everyone needs to use the Chrome browser. the years are gone. (affiliate)



Modiphius producers of Tales from the Loop, Conan, Star Trek Adventures and Vampire the Masquerade 5th Ed. and many more – A special 10% off discount code for your first purchase. We earn 10 points for every successful referral.

Note: you must purchase using our special discount code for you to receive a reward.