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Eileen’s Gaming Background

How did you get into RPG’s?

I began with play-by-post RPGs in middle school. I’d already been playing D&D-based CRPGs that my aunt introduced me to as a kid. In high school I played a LOT of Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. I didn’t get the chance to play actual tabletop until after 4e came out. I wasn’t thrilled with the system but I had a great group, which to me is by far the most important variable.

When you did start gaming, what 2-3 games did you cut your teeth on/what were the first games you played?

I’ve run lots of 5e and Cypher System, which is my system of choice.

How long after you started gaming did you start game mastering and why did you start?

I began game mastering because I wanted to explore different kinds of stories and to introduce new players to the hobby.

I currently work at my FLGS and run a biweekly RPG night (when there’s not a pandemic on). I also volunteer as part of the Monte Cook Games Asset Team, bringing storytelling goodness to the masses.

GBS Community

I’ve listened to Gaming and BS for…. Five years? My husband would listen to it in the car. I’ve been hooked since RPG A Day one year where one of the questions was, “If you could play an RPG anywhere, where would you?” I said, “The Vatican” at the same time Brett did. I realized these were my people and I slowly became involved in the community.


Eileen currently lives in the St. Louis Metro with my husband, daughter, three cats and three dogs, and numerous foster dogs.