gbs moderator Joe

Joe Cwik can be found on our forums as Joe and Discord as JoeC.

Gaming Background

How did you get into RPG’s?

I took the plunge myself, and pushed my friends to get involved before I found like-minded individuals.

When you did start gaming, what 2-3 games did you cut your teeth on/what were the first games you played

HeroQuest, BattleTech/MechWarrior, and onto D&D. Then, it snowballed.

How long after you started gaming did you start game mastering and why did you start?

I started with HeroQuest, and liked the Zargon/Morcar role a lot. I then started GMing MechWarrior and once I got hooked on D&D, a friend and I would trade off DMing on a daily basis. I kept it up because none of my friends wanted to. Now, its the role I tend to be most comfortable with.

What are you playing now, how often and what are your top 5 games you’d like to play in 2021?

I run a D&D 5e game currently, and a friend is beginning a 5e Humblewood game soon.

What do you like the most about tabletop RPG’s?

I love telling a story with my friends, and my favorite moments are when I can make them feel that stress of a situation, where they’re in the moment, with some of the feeling their character would.

GBS Community

What do you like most about the gaming and bs community?

It may be cliche to say the people, but its true. I haven’t met one person I wouldn’t sit down and have a drink or chat with. Both the show and every single person in the community has been easy to chat with and relate to, as if we’re old friends.


I’m a Gemini in my early 40’s. I like long walks on the beach. My Turn-ons are…. Wait a sec. Wrong type of profile. Wife would KILL me…. I’m a husband, a very proud dad of an immensely cool kid, and a metro Detroit native.