gbs moderator LaramieWe asked our moderators to provide a pic of themselves for the website. This is what Laramie sent us. Oh, and that’s an AC/DC concert shirt he’s wearing. Despite his overzealous expression, he’s a real cream puff.  You can find Laramie on our forums and Discord server.

Gaming Background

How did you get into RPG’s?

I was SOLD on the HeroQuest TV commercial, and my amazing mom played that with me for HOURS. That interest led into some of us playing D&D in junior high with a high school kid. Very rural area, so age was less of a factor than interests.

When you did start gaming, what 2-3 games did you cut your teeth on/what were the first games you played?

AD&D 2e, AD&D 1e, and then others years later. D&D was the only thing at the B.Daltons 70 miles from my town.

How long after you started gaming did you start game mastering and why did you start?

Pretty quick, probably within the year. I don’t recall why, but probably because the guy we learned from was busy, and we took matters into our own hands.

What are you playing now, how often and what are your top 5 games you’d like to play in 2021?

I run HackMaster and Castles and Crusades, each about twice a month. To make it easy, HackMaster is BarrowMaze for Labyrinth Lord and C&C is DemonPlague for 5e.
Top 5: Scum and Villainy, Delta Green, Whatever Dark Trails is now, Forbidden Lands, Twilight 2000

What do you like the most about tabletop RPG’s?

Hanging out, group bases non-linear fun.

GBS Community

What do you like most about the gaming and bs community?

Me. Also, an amazing group of people from around the world that just want to help other people have fun. Altruistically, just helping people have the best games they can.


Laramie is a GM running 2 campaigns and a slew of one-offs. Co-coordinator of CheapCon in Iowa City every year. ICU nurse to pay for the gaming habit. Shares a loving home with partner Kāsie and two human cubs.