Sean resides in Wisconsin and started playing tabletop role-playing games with his friends when he was thirteen years old. Back then it was first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek by FASA, and Top Secret. That same group still meets when schedules align.

After a long hiatus from gaming during his 20’s, he immersed himself back into the hobby.

Feeling inspired after a trip to GenCon 2003 he launched the website The website’s mission? To connect with other gamers in Wisconsin that also enjoy tabletop role-playing games and bring them together via The Dwarf’s online forums or through face-to-face meetups.

If you don’t run into Sean on the street, or on social media, you might find him at GaryCon in March, or GameHole Con in November.

Most recently he’s been running Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep and Dungeons & Dragons (5e) Follow him on Twitter.

Sean and Gaming

A few things you will come to realize about Sean and role-playing games…

  • Sean has a fond appreciation for espionage rpg’s though he doesn’t get to run or play them as often as he’d like.
  • Pre-published modules/adventures are Sean’s go-to for running games.
  • “It depends” becomes a phrase Sean uses in the podcast. It might sound like he’s riding the fence or being noncommittal, but he’ll tell you there’s simply too many factors to consider when running or playing table-top rpg’s.
  • Lover of the podcast medium, Sean is a fan of what podcasts have to offer and has his own podcast engineering company. 
  • Outside of gaming, Sean is a big softie. He and his wife have rescued 4 dogs and 5 cats.

Other Appearances

Gaming and BS is the main place you can find Sean, but it’s not the only place. Find Sean at the following podcast show episodes:

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Episode: 47
Title: Fredric Brown’s “Martians, Go Home” with special guest Sean Kelley

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Hoi and Jeff discuss impossible-to-kill enemies, player agency, and unsolvable puzzles in Fredric Brown’s “Martians, Go Home” with special guest Sean Kelley.

Show: Hobbs and Friends
Episode: 6
Title: Sean Railroad Kelley

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Show: Literate Gamer
Title: Table Top Games (And How to get Started) – Gaming and BS

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The guys from Gaming and BS slum it for an episode and talk about Table Top games with Literate Gamer. They breakdown how, and why, to get started in table top role playing games, how to approach the hobby, and even which games to play.