Month: November 2016

BBS016 Marc Miller of Traveller

Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016, this bonus episode features Marc Miller. Marc is the person behind the 40 year old role-playing game Traveller. We want to thank Marc for allowing us to record his seminar. [shadowbox]This show brought to you by fans of the show, like you. Support the show. Become a patron![/shadowbox]

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113 Post Gamehole Con 2016

Brett and Sean attended the popular tabletop gaming convention, Gamehole Con, in Madison, Wisconsin. A gaming convention that occurred the first weekend of November, the year was 2016. We talk about the games we ran and the crazy good fun we had, the best thing was the people we met. Thanks for stopping by the…

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112 Player Character Aging in RPG’s

Time passes, and player characters are aging in your role-playing games. Or are they? First edition Dungeons & Dragons had the young be strong and dextrous, but as your pc aged you became weaker, wiser and smarter. How often we do find players role-playing age?

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