Rival adventuring party in your role-playing game, do you use them? How do you use them? It is obvious to the players they are a rival group?


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Random Encounter

Voicemail from Old School DM
Warden sounds off on last episode DnD Success with a Setback
Greger from Discord
Ray Otus comments on multiple NPC’s in the same scene

Die Roll

  • In the Heart of Oz, by Goblin’s Henchman – pdf
  • 33 Greatest heist films per Esquire
  • 5 Torches Deep + Vagabonds bundle of holding, thx Nolabert
  • What Would the Smart Party Do? podcast 2021 Wrap up by Baz and Gaz
  • Scott and Keith aka Titterpigs podcast, thanks Orcusdorkus


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