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Announcement: BSER CON 2

BSer Con 2: Electric Boogaloo is happening! Back by popular demand, we will be holding our virtual online #ttrpg convention in January 2023.  Event submission and badge registration is open now. Head over to for badges, dates, and more! Head to for all the info – badge registration, dates, event submission, etc.

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Until We Meet Again

The final episode of the show, we chose to do an AMA format. Thank you for all the questions. Special thanks to John for keeping us on the mics for just a little longer. Thank you to all the BSers! This one is dedicated to you. Random Encounter Voicemail from Jason Hobbs Mirko the Digitalhobbit…

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What Have We Learned

We look back and reflect upon things we’ve learned over the last 7+ years. Random Encounter Chris Shorb calls in about Are They Lying? Email from my friend Chris D. Follow up email from Roger Brasslett about hanging it up Audio from Harrigan, friend and moderator of our Discord Die Roll Dwarven Fiasco Covenstead: A…

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Are They Lying?

How the hell do you deal with lying in your rpgs? Lying NPCs that is, or lying PCs perhaps – not talking about out of game lying (e.g. “I swear it was Sean that took the last beer!”), but lying in your games. Announcements First episode of GM Mastermind dropped today. Go subscribe Random Encounter…

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