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The 'S' of Gaming and BS podcast. Besides producing and hosting the show, Sean enjoys long walks on the beach, running rpg's, and killing player...characters.

Sean Writes In

Sean realizes just how complicated running an RPG encounter can be for anyone, but especially those new to the hobby. This and Random Encounters! Announcements Avalon Adventures on DTRPG #5 Tabletop RPG Talk Podcast of 2019 on EnWorld Random Encounter Sean comments on the forums Check it here. As I was running the group through this…

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Books for Game Masters In Your Toolbox

What system neutral GM aids you keep in your toolbox, to help you craft your games and worlds?  Do you have any that you find yourself coming back to time and again? Announcements Avalon Adventures on DTRPG Random Encounter Gabe aka Eirvit on our forums commented on about The Next Game The metaphor I devised for…

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The Next Game

“The fallacy that ‘the next game’ is the one that will make you happy. It’s nearly identical to the consumer fallacy that the next thing you buy is the thing that will make you happy. Until you ‘fix’ the game you are in and learn how to have fun NOW, the next game is simply…

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Consequences in Role-playing Games

Consequences in role-playing games. We talk a lot about how “If the PC or Player does something ‘stupid’ they should pay the price for it’ – but is one way of doing this better than another? Announcements – some BSer’s are running games at the con, be great to have more! Grab a copy…

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