Bonus BS

Bonus BS, a supplemental show to Gaming and BS podcast where we cover interviews and other such topics not found in our weekly episodes. Enjoy.

BBS021 Forbidden Lands with Phil Vecchione

Forbidden Lands is a tabletop RPG by Free League Publishing. Sean is about to run a short campaign and taps Phil Vecchione to provide some insight. Phil has been running Forbidden Lands for over a year and the original player characters are still alive. Phil Vecchione is no stranger to Gaming and BS. He’s been…

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BBS020 Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games

Join us as we talk with rpg designer Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games about his latest kickstarter (launched March 7th, 2017) for Pip System Corebook. You can find Eloy online at the following… Third Eye Games Facebook Twitter

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BBS019 Ed Greenwood Interview

Brett interviews Ed Greenwood of The Greenwood Group, and the person behind the origins of the popular rpg campaign setting The Forgotten Realms. Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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BBS018 Monte Cook Games at Gamehole Con 2016

Recorded at Gamehole Con 2016, a tabletop gaming convention held in Madison, Wisconsin, this bonus episode features Monte Cook and Shanna Germain from Monte Cook Games. This is the unedited seminar that they hosted. 

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