010 Game Master Mistakes in RPGs

010 Game Master Mistakes in RPGs

Getting impatient with players? Not ‘yes, and’ing? B & S Divulge some of their GM mistakes in roleplaying games. It’s all learning, right?

Episode 10 Show Outline


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Topics of Discussion 

  1. Sean and Brett’s Biggest Mistakes
    1. Our screw ups as GMs:
      1. Brett –
        1. GM angry
        2. over explain
        3. Letting players make whatever they want
        4. Not dealing with a problem player because I didn’t to hurt their feelings
      2. Sean – Sean makes no mistakes, but if he did
        1. Getting impatient with players
        2. Ensuring things are communicated properly, “you said you were going into the room.” “no i didn’t”
        3. Not allowing the ‘yes, and’ scenario
        4. Not asking the players exactly what they want to get out of the game.
    2. Our screw ups as Players:
      1. Brett –
        1. PC that doesn’t fit the story
        2. Put up with problem players and expect the GM to fix it
      2. Sean –
        1. Giving nothing to the GM to work with/entertain me
  2. How They Got Better

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  1. Back to the woods – heading back to the UP to hunt, bringing my oldest son with me this time.
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  2. Philae Lander touchdowns on comet 67p https://plus.google.com/+YonatanZunger/posts/GxZRN3tbLHn

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